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I'm Becky.

a certified life coach, wife and mom of 3. i help women just like you - purpose-driven souls who work from home - show up in life as you dream.

As the best version of you.

Because when you change your mind, you can change your life.

get ready to LIVE  YOUR BEST LIFE.

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The Beyond Happy podcast launched in December 2018. Beyond Happy shares tools and action steps you can take in reaching for more in life - in growing to become the best version of who you were created to be. Beyond Happy is all about perspective, growth and purpose.

the podcast

My coaching clients come to me for one of two reasons - and sometimes both. One is that they're wanting help navigating certain life challenges. We cover anything from mindset or confidence to relationships, parenting or business. The other is that they want help working toward a personal or business goal.

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— Kate, mom of three + entrepreneur, TN


I never realized how much my thinking was impacting my life. What I've learned from Becky has changed everything for me."

— Amanda, wife, mom and ministry leader, TX


Between my Power Hour session and listening to Beyond Happy episodes, I'm learning so much. I'm not the same me I was a month ago."


I feel like Becky gets me. I don’t feel judged. She gives me hope and encouragement. She pushes just enough to get out of the comfort zone but keep my goals obtainable and reality based. "

— Jenn, art director and mom, IL

— Ally, writer + creative entrepreneur, CA


I thought I just needed to change what I was doing to start showing up like I wanted to in my life. But this work has gone so much deeper. I've seen that my thoughts are impacting everything. And that's where the work begins." #powerful


Every session, a new AHA! moment. I'm learning so much about myself and how I want to show up as ME, as a mom, as a wife, in my business. I never knew that my coaching sessions would become such a spiritual practice for me. So good."

— Rachael, wellness coach and mom of two, SC

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