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I'm Becky Hoschek, a life coach and host of the popular podcast, Beyond Happy. 

Clients and listeners from all over the world have one thing in common: they're all ambitious women called to marriage, motherhood, business and more.

In many ways, they have everything they ever wanted in life. But something's missing. Can you relate?

You're tired of feeling stuck. Overwhelmed. Lost. 

Like you're going through the motions everyday.

You just want to feel better. 

And I can help.

The Beyond Happy podcast offers a unique blend of tools to help you feel better. Each episode shares new perspectives  and practical steps you can take to get unstuck and feel better. Our goal is simple: to help you show up as the strongest, healthiest version of you. No more going through the motions everyday.

It's time to live differently: with intention, purpose and fulfillment...
beyond your current circumstances.

Beyond Happy podcast

My clients come to me because they know something's missing in their lives, but they can't figure out what it is. They feel like they've tried everything but they can't seem to feel better. Through 1:1 coaching, we discover what's missing so that you can change it and finally feel better.

Life's too short to feel this way.
Are you ready to figure out what's missing?

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The free Before + After call is for working moms who feel like you're doing it all, but not doing any of it well. You're tired of going through the motions and feeling like you're missing out on your life. You're ready for change but you just don't know the next step. Look no further.

Take the first step today toward living a life beyond what you thought was possible.
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Megan T., art director and mom

I never realized how much my thinking was impacting my life. What I've learned from Becky has changed everything for me.

Amanda B., health coach

Between my 1:1 sessions and listening to Beyond Happy, I'm learning so much. I'm not the same me I was a month ago.

I feel like Becky gets me. I don’t feel judged. She gives me hope and encouragement. She pushes just enough to get out of the comfort zone but keep my goals obtainable and reality based. 

Jenn H., writer and mom of 3

Ally M., CEO + mom boss

I thought I just needed to change what I was DOING to start showing up like I wanted to in my life. But it didn't work. This work has gone so much deeper. I've seen that my thoughts are impacting everything I do!

Every session, a new AHA! moment. I'm learning so much about myself and how I want to show up as ME, as a mom, as a wife, in my business. I never knew that my coaching sessions would become such a spiritual practice for me. So good.

Kate S., wedding photographer 

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