I've been there.

You want to create some changes in your life,
but you’re struggling to make them happen.

You feel stuck. Going through the motions. Not YOUrself.

What you need is someone to help you make real (lasting!) change.

let me tell ya how i can help.

ready to make BIG changes in your life so you can feel better.

Walking through a life transition.

Seeking an unbiased sounding board, new perspective and accountability

needing a mindset shift.

wanting to live on purpose, as the best version of you.


Maybe You Are...

tell me more!

I created these life-changing sessions because I’ve seen firsthand that when we take the time to get clear, to have an unbiased sounding board, to understand our thoughts and feelings and learn how to manage them, everything changes.

There’s a mindset shift. This change in perspective propels us forward in growth. 

I’ve seen clients create major change just in their first session working with me. Incredible breakthroughs. Aha! Moments that change the way they view themselves and their lives forever. My clients start to see results immediately. And as they move forward, it just keeps getting better.

things don't go as you planned.
circumstances change.
people disappoint. and yet.
I know something about you.
you're capable.
capable of so much more than you realize.
No matter what the challenge is, you can do this.
you were made ready.
and you don't have to do it alone. 
I can help. 

my 1:1 sessions can get you there.

really hard. I GET IT.

you are meant
to grow

all the Praise Hands

don't just take my word for it!

— Kate, mom of three + entrepreneur, TN


I never realized how much my thinking was impacting my life. What I've learned from Becky has changed everything for me."

— Amanda, wife, mom and ministry leader, TX


Between my Power Hour session and listening to Beyond Happy episodes, I'm learning so much. I'm not the same me I was a month ago."


I feel like Becky gets me. I don’t feel judged. She gives me hope and encouragement. She pushes just enough to get out of the comfort zone but keep my goals obtainable and reality based. "

— Jenn, art director and mom, IL

— Ally, writer + creative entrepreneur, CA


I thought I just needed to change what I was doing to start showing up like I wanted to in my life. But this work has gone so much deeper. I've seen that my thoughts are impacting everything. And that's where the work begins." #powerful


Every session, a new AHA! moment. I'm learning so much about myself and how I want to show up as ME, as a mom, as a wife, in my business. I never knew that my coaching sessions would become such a spiritual practice for me. So good."

— Rachael, wellness coach and mom of two, SC

MY Personal, powerful, mindset-focused approach to growth and transformation.


• You believe your well-being is the best gift you can give your family.
• You believe motherhood is a blessing and your greatest work, but you feel overwhelmed, stuck, inadequate or unfilled. You're trying to balance ALL the things.
• You want to feel more peace and joy in the everyday.
• You're fueled by faith and believe that personal growth is spiritual growth. 
• You work-from-home, whether that's taking care of littles and managing your family, running your own business or working for an employer.
• You're driven by purpose - pursuing the life you feel called to.
• You're ready to dive in, do the work and create (lasting!) change. 

1:1 coaching

what if you could create a life that feels

like you dream?

1:1 sessions are for you, if:

I want that!

Time To Grow

You want to feel better. Get unstuck. Reach for more. Live fully.

my 1:1 sessions are completely customized sessions where we work together to navigate personal challenges and/or help you achieve your goals. 

Finally feel better because you understand the power of your thoughts AND how to manage them. You'll learn tools that are applicable for the rest of your life. (I LOVE that this investment in yourself is perpetual!)

Create the life and confidence you've dreamed of, because you know the way forward and believe that you can. 

Move from stuck and overwhelmed to total peace (Yep, even when challenges arise. Because they will.)

Live from a place you didn't know was possible. The work you'll do on yourself has a ripple effect - my clients are seeing healthier marriages, better parenting, improved wellness, stronger businesses and they're showing others what's possible.

through our 1:1 sessions, you will:

I created my 1:1 sessions to help work-from-home moms and creative entrepreneurs get unstuck and move forward.

You could spend the next months (or YEARS), spinning your wheels, feeling stuck and trying to figure your way out.

Or you can let me help.

I LOVE this work.

No more going-through-the-motions and surviving.

You’ll be thriving.

In just weeks, you’ll be more self-aware, more confident and empowered to move forward living life on your terms. 

(And I can’t wait to watch the transformation.)

Are you ready to invest in yourself like never before? To live a life you love, to show up in a way that really matters?

tell me everything!

Just think…
where you could be a month from now?
A year? 

(It legit gives me goosebumps.)

Choose your way forward with two session options:

Let's do this.

the power hour

If you’re looking for a shot of clarity and motivation to get you headed in a new direction, tackle a current life challenge or take the first important step in moving toward a dream or goal, the Power Hour is a great kickstart to move you forward. Before the call, we’ll cover some important questions about your life and your intentions via email. On the call, we’ll dive deep and explore the core beliefs that are holding you back and talk about some practical, tangible tools you can implement right away to start creating change. 

single session

schedule your power hour!

the FRESH start

If you’d like more support, deeper thought work and higher levels of accountability as you shift your life to the next level, The Fresh Start is perfect for you. Customized to your personal goals, this 3-month experience includes 7 coaching sessions (with option to continue after the 7) over a 3-month period in addition to weekly video teachings, access to Becky between sessions, life-changing self-study assignments you’ll complete at home along the way. Some clients use their 3 months to tackle focus on a specific problem area or single goal, while others opt to use our time together to work on a variety of personal growth and life improvement areas. Where we focus is entirely personal to you. 

three-month transformation

most popular!

begin your
fresh start!

Here’s what you can expect in scheduling a single 1:1 coaching session or a session bundle:

Within one business day of booking, I’ll send you a welcome email with some “getting to know you” type questions that lay the foundation of where you’re at, and we’re you’d like be moving forward. These questions are so valuable in providing me with insight and clarity. AND I highly value your time, so by getting this vital info from you up front, we can hit the ground running when your first session arrives! In addition to emailing me your responses to the questions, I’ll have you choose between a video session via Zoom (preferred, especially for our first time chatting!) and a phone session. If you’re purchasing a coaching session bundle, we’ll discuss whether you’d like to schedule your calls weekly or bi-weekly. I’ll also provide you with my helpful client welcome packet, full of info and tips for making the most out of your coaching sessions.

When our scheduled session arrives, I’ll connect with you via Zoom or phone. (If Zoom, I’ll email a link to our call the day before.) We’ll dive right in; in every session I lead, I ask my client if they have something specific they’d like to discuss. Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t - if that’s you, no worries! I always have ideas to get us going. Our sessions will last 50 minutes, and as we wrap the sesh we’ll talk about your plan moving forward. If we’re meeting again, we’ll talk about what you can be working on until next time, and cover any questions you have.

Within one business day or our time together, I’ll send you an email summary of our call. I’ll recap what we covered, tools I may have mentioned or taught, and ask if any post-sesh questions popped up for you.




Walking through a life transition.

Seeking an unbiased sounding board, new perspective and accountability

needing a mindset shift.

live on purpose, as the best version of you.