You feel like you're just getting by, reacting to life as it happens, but not really living. You just want to feel better.

You’re grateful for all the blessings in your life, the only problem is you’re tired of feeling stuck, overwhelmed and unfulfilled. And then you feel guilty for feeling that way.

You believe that the best gift you can give your family, yourself and your business is a healthy, strong version of you. 

Together we understand what’s really going on so that you can get unstuck and show up in life just like you want to - more capable, confident and calm no matter what your circumstances look like.

I work with ambitious women like you doing all the things: marriage, motherhood, business or career, and more.

Your life can feel as good on the inside as it looks on the outside.

Feel like you've tried all the things, but can't seem to feel better no matter what you do?

Feel stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed most of the time?

Beat yourself up thinking you should be a better wife/mom/business owner/you?

Feel like you're doing all the things, but none of them well?

Feel grateful for so many things in your life, yet also feel miserable?

Just want to feel better?


tell me, Do you...

Working moms like you tell me they feel like they’re reacting to their lives rather than intentionally LIVING them.

You're just going through the motions. Every single day.

Some have even told me they feel completely lost, like they’re MISSING OUT on life.

They wonder what they’re doing wrong. They're tired of feeling STUCK.

What if you could live differently?

Sound familiar? I get it. But I have good news.
It doesn't have to be that way. Not any more.

What if you knew what was missing and could get your life back?

What would it look like to feel:

LESS overwhelm, MORE peace.
LESS reactive, MORE empowered.
LESS guilt and judgment, MORE grace.
LESS doubt, MORE confidence?

Imagine going from a day where the alarm goes off and you dread doing it all over again to a day where you wake up, take a deep breath and genuinely look forward to what the day will bring.

You can stay a frustrated, overwhelmed working mom who sometimes feels good, or you can be a calm and confident mama who sometimes feels frustrated and overwhelmed.

The difference? It's everything.

Feel better than you ever have.

Own your everyday with intention and purpose rather than reacting to life as it happens to you.

Have FUN and enjoy marriage, motherhood and your work without the overwhelm.

Accomplish things you once dreamed because you now know you can do hard things.

Have more compassion and grace for yourself as a human.

Feel grateful for all you have and also know that, at the same time, you can reach for more in life.

Take better care of you, knowing that when you are a priority, you can better pour into your marriage, your parenting and your work.

Be stronger, healthier and more present. 

What would it look like? You would...

These are the exact, life-changing results from clients who, like you, felt completely lost and stuck in survival mode. Now they are living lives beyond what they imagined was possible. 

And it's possible for you, too.

i WANT in!

You’ll go from feeling like life is just happening TO you, to creating a life beyond what you dreamed possible.

That's why I created my 1:1 coaching sessions.

i WANT in!

That's why I created my 1:1 coaching sessions.

You’ll go from feeling like life is just happening TO you, to creating a life beyond what you dreamed possible.

That's why I created Beyond, my 1:1 coaching experience.


i want in!

Beyond | Private Coaching

New clients like you work with me privately for two months. These two months include eight 45-minute sessions, held via Zoom video calls or telephone (up to you!).

two months • $2000

• Before we meet for your first session, we begin get to the root of what’s going on in your life and what you feel is missing. No guilt, no judgement, just a fresh perspective for us to get you to the next best version of yourself. 

• We connect online each week to discuss your current challenges, diving deep to get to the cause (not just the symptoms) so that you can create lasting, life-changing results. (I love the quote that says something like, "It's hard to read your own label from inside the bottle." An outside perspective can be everything.)

• The skills you learn in your 8 weeks with me can be used to create calm, clarity and happiness for the rest of your life.

what's included:

but it doesn't end there.

During our time together, you’ll also get:

Accountability and encouragement from someone who has your back. As a certified life coach, I’m here to help you navigate the sometimes uncomfortable parts of this work so that you can create the change you desire - getting unstuck and feeling better now.

Ongoing email support between our sessions, so you’re never left hanging if questions come up.

All of this means that you'll have everything you need to go from wondering what's missing in your life to  having tools to feel better for good. 

When you invest in yourself through coaching, you will:


how you can start feeling better right now - without changing anyone or any circumstances.

a frustrated, overwhelmed you who is occasionally happy, to a peaceful, intentional you who occasionally feels frustrated

Go from

in your days and enjoy marriage, motherhood and your work

Have more fun

empowered to manage your thoughts and feelings so that you can create the kind of life experience you want to live.



less in the past and the future, and more in the present moment, experiencing what's happening right now.

the secret to all relationships (including the one you have with you), so that you can stop wishing people would change.


for things in your life that previously felt impossible, because you'll finally see what was holding you back.


Live life differently.

the best part?

You'll feel better for good.

why? because I approach coaching differently.

I could tell you what to do, sure. And that is how some coaching works.
The problem?  Your progress would only be temporary and circumstantial.
And you'd be good until the next problem comes along.

But then what? You'd be back to square one.

When we apply coaching tools rooted in thought work, we can address the cause of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms. By understanding the power of our thoughts and beliefs and our ability to create lasting changes in our brains,  you can feel better for good.

You'll feel better now and have tools in your toolbox that will serve you for life.

Megan T., art director and mom

I never realized how much my thinking was impacting my life. What I've learned from Becky has changed everything for me.

Amanda B., health coach

Between my 1:1 sessions and listening to Beyond Happy, I'm learning so much. I'm not the same me I was a month ago.

I feel like Becky gets me. I don’t feel judged. She gives me hope and encouragement. She pushes just enough to get out of the comfort zone but keep my goals obtainable and reality based. 

Jenn H., writer and mom of 3

Ally M., CEO + mom boss

I thought I just needed to change what I was DOING to start showing up like I wanted to in my life. But it didn't work. This work has gone so much deeper. I've seen that my thoughts are impacting everything I do!

Every session, a new AHA! moment. I'm learning so much about myself and how I want to show up as ME, as a mom, as a wife, in my business. I never knew that my coaching sessions would become such a spiritual practice for me. So good.

Kate S., wedding photographer