Live from a place of peace and purpose - not overwhelm

I'm here to help you

so you can show up as the best version of you.

Like you, I'm also a woman trying to figure out life. Becoming the best version of me looks like minimizing overwhelm, self-doubt, guilt and frustration and trading that for more faith, gratitude, happiness and joy.

Maybe you feel stuck. Something needs to change... but what? 

Maybe you have a dream you'd love to chase or a personal goal you'd love to pursue, but you need help getting started.

Maybe you'd like to work on creating a better relationship... with yourself. Your spouse. Your kids. Your mother (or your mother-in-law).

Maybe you'd just like to feel better. 

Hey there!

I'm Becky, and I'm a lot like you.

I'm a wife and mom and I work from home, both raising a family and running a business.

I'm a dreamer full of ideas and A believer in god and in living on purpose. 

i've got you.

I'm a certified life coach, and I teach creative entrepreneurs and work-from home moms just like you how to feel better.

So you can show up in life like you dream.

I was the mom of three kids age two and under (twins will do that!). I'd started a photography business a year prior to that, and I felt torn. I loved my creative work and part of me wanted to grow my business, but part of me wanted to just focus on our kids. I felt overwhelmed, frustrated, then guilty. I had so many blessings to be thankful for; I had the life I'd dreamed about, but something was missing. When I was with my kids, I thought about how I'd like to be working. Then I felt guilty. When I was working, I thought about how I wanted to be with my kids. I spent more time stuck, in my own thoughts about what I should be doing, than actually being present to the life right in front of me.

My story.

Less than three years after getting married,

It didn't have to be this way. Through reading books and listening to podcasts about everything from personal growth to faith to running a business, I was lead to life coaching, The Life Coach School and the very tools I teach my clients today. I learned that I didn't have to change a single thing in my life to feel better. I just needed to learn how to change my thoughts. To change my mind.

And it changed everything.

 I have the best job. I get to hear stories and challenges and help bless you by teaching tools that have literally changed my life and the way I think about people, goals, myself, my future and life in general.

Because I prioritized my mental and emotional health, I am the healthiest and happiest me that I've ever been. 

What I believe.

There's never been a better time to change your life than now. 
When you change how you show up for yourself, you help change your life.
When you help change your life, you help change your family's life.
When you help change your family's life, you help change your community.
When you help change your community, you help change the world.

And then I realized...

You can be too.

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My Timeline

where I've been


Got married on
New Year's Eve!


Became a mom when Annabel was born at 32 weeks. 


Launched my photography business.


Welcomed our identical twins, Henry and Charlie, into the world.


Called to serve women on an even deeper level. Started praying what that might look like. 


Coaching women who are passionate about personal growth, making change and living their best life


Launched the
Beyond Happy Podcast


Started freelancing as a copywriter/designer full-time. 


are we a match?!

Like what you're reading?
I believe you're right here for a reason.
Change is possible. All you have to do is say the word. I've got you.