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The coach for moms called to business and host of the podcast BEYOND. I'm on a mission to help you grow as a person. 

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In this intro episode, I share a bit about who I am, my background and what my vision is for The Beyond Happy Podcast. I describe my journey into personal growth/development and coaching, what life coaching is AND why I believe we aren’t meant to be happy all of the time. (Aren’t you curious!?)

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Welcome to the first episode of Beyond Happy! I’m so glad you’re here.

Podcasts have become a huge part of my life over the last handful of years (I hardly even watch T.V. anymore!) and the more I’ve followed some of my favorite podcasts and learned from them, the more I realized that creating a podcast could be a super valuable way to serve you. In my work as a life coach, as a mom, as a wife and a human who just loves to learn and consume content about topics like personal growth and self-care, relationships, family, faith, mental and emotional wellness, business and entrepreneurship, purpose and passion, dreaming big and growing into who you were created to be… well, I feel like if I’m being impacted, if MY life as a wife, mother, believer, friend, coach and creative entrepreneur is being changed by all that I’m learning, I’m guessing yours will be too.

And this is why Beyond Happy was born. My mission for this podcast is to serve you with content that, when applied, will change your life. I wholeheartedly believe that it can, and it will. Some of you may listen because you want to invest more in your self-care, and some of you may learn through listening that you’d love to work with a life coach. My clients tend to want to work with me for one of two reasons. Or both. The first is that they have a life challenge or problem they’d like help working through. And this can look like SO many different things. From parenting and relationships to professional challenges, to wellness, confidence and self-care to just wanting to FEEL better, we cover it all. The second reason is that they want help reaching a goal. It might be to write a book. It might be to lose 50 pounds or to quit their day job. It might be starting a business or training for a marathon. Everyone has a different story, and that is reflected in how differently my work with each one of my clients is.

In each episode of Beyond Happy, I cover lessons I’m learning and tools that I use when working with my real life clients. I talk about applicable topics that offer you a new perspective. How you can literally change your life the minute you start changing how you think and how you feel. How you are SO empowered to create the life you dream of, the life you feel called to.

I view it as an honor and privilege to show up in your earbuds, or through the speakers of your car, and I pray that each episode brings you insight while offering you a way to grow and stretch as you become the person you’re becoming.

This first episode, Let’s Get Started, is an intro into who I am, what my life looks like and what you can expect when you tune into Beyond Happy. If you have questions or comments, or if you have an idea for a future episode topic, I’d love to hear from you! You can DM me on Instagram right here.

Thanks so much for listening, and if you love this episode, would you leave a rating and review, wherever you’re listening from? I’d be so grateful!

Enjoy episode 1!

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This is the podcast for moms called to business as creative entrepreneurs and coaches. Through mindset and strategy, I help you leverage your faith and your beliefs to get out of your own way so that you simplify, focus and build a business that serves you, your family and your clients well – a business run with integrity that creates both income and impact. Around here, we go beyond the surface and dive deep into what matters most. We talk about mindset, faith, motherhood, money, marketing, messaging and more. So much of why you were called to business is because of who you’re becoming along the way. As your coach, my job is to help you grow your business. My mission is to help you grow as a person.


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