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A few days ago I found myself lost in thought. Wrapped up in gratitude and awe for the opportunities that abound for our generation, I dreamed about what a conversation might look like with our great-grandmothers. Can you imagine? How different the landscape of possibility for us, both personally and professionally, landing on earth in this era of the internet-driven world. I think of the jobs many of us have, the passions we explore, and how not only were they not realistic options for our great-grandmothers… they simply didn’t exist.

Many of our own parents committed to a job and profession soon after high school, joined that company and remained there until retirement. They lived through times of lay-offs and scarcity and job security was a priority – even if days weren’t spent pursuing a dream career. That would have been a luxury few had access to.

Wow, how things have changed. We have possibility at our fingertips. Education and entrepreneurship, personal growth opportunities, community and connection are literally just a click away.

Not just daydreaming, but LIVING OUT your dreams has never been more realistic. What possibilities are out there for you? What daydreams light you up – keep you awake at night? What sparks live inside you, gently tugging at you in the deepest places to reach for more? To play a bigger game in this one precious life?

You may tell yourself, “Someday”. Or, “That’s just a crazy dream. I could never…”

BUT. What if your daydreams and thoughts that feel like “crazy ideas” weren’t crazy at all? What if your dreams are within you because they’re the divine breadcrumbs leading to a life only you – the unique and one-of-a-kind YOU – can live into and make a difference with? Change lives with?

I believe you can. If you feel that tug to do something bigger, something more, something different… LISTEN. It’s not a mistake. Listen to those whispers that are nudging you to dig deep and breathe into the thing that excites you, that makes you feel like it’s what you were created for. Because it probably is exactly that.

You are here on purpose, with purpose.

Your daydreams – not the random, fleeting ones (like the one that tells me I should live in Hawaii), but the persistent, always-with-you kind – are not accidents. They’re the keys that will unlock that “something more” you find yourself not just dreaming about, but aching for.

Chase the thing that makes you come alive.

Notice I don’t say, “Keep thinking about the thing that makes you come alive.” But CHASE. Take action. Get started.

Because the one thing that separates the dreamers from the DOers? It’s taking action. Moving forward in faith toward a purpose that compels you.

You don’t have to move forward in life-altering leaps and bounds that turn your world upside down. Even baby steps move us forward. And if you’re moving forward, you’re growing. It starts with just one baby step, followed by another. And another.

Chasing your dream – your purpose – is hard. It’s why so many of us sit still and just keep dreaming. Why is it so hard? Because it’s uncomfortable.

Sometimes it’s really uncomfortable. So uncomfortable that we’d rather just stay where we are in our comfortable place. We LOVE our comfortable place. Because our brain tells us it’s safe to live there. We think we’re content there. We’re comfortable but not growing. Not evolving and stretching and coming alive because we’re doing the things we were CREATED to do.

Here’s the thing. No one will care as much about your dream as much as you do. It’s in YOU because it’s yours. Only you can chase it down, bring it to life and share it with the world. You get to decide what it looks like. You get to decide when to get started.

Take a few minutes to let yourself dream. Dream big. Close your eyes while thinking about each of these questions. Take note of the first things that come to mind.

• What does the life you dream of look like?
• How does that life you picture differ from the life you’re living right now?
• How do you feel when you think about living out this dream?
• How do you feel when you think about NOT living out this dream?
• What is stopping you from going for it?
• What’s one little thing you could do right now, that could move the needle forward – that could move you one tiny step closer to making that dream a reality?

Jot down the thoughts and feelings that come to mind when you meditate on these questions. This is a great first step in really allowing yourself the space to think about big dreams that compel you and give you feelings of purpose. Look at that! You’re one step closer.

Dream big, and chase the thing that makes you come alive. You were created on purpose, with purpose.


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