Beyond Happy Episode 195: Reclaim Your Time as a Busy Mom and Creative Entrepreneur or Coach

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The coach for moms called to business and host of the podcast BEYOND. I'm on a mission to help you grow as a person. 

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Want to reclaim your time as a busy mom and creative entrepreneur or coach? 

On this episode, I’m sharing what that looks like – what it looks like to get your time back and build a sustainable life and business as a mom.  If you’re like the women and moms I work with, you’re committed to the growth of your business, but not at the cost of your family, your time or your sanity.  And if you’re honest, in this culture of hustle and burnout that is so prevalent, maybe you wonder if doing life and business differently – in a way that feels better – is even possible.  

Whether you’re just starting your business and you’re wanting to be intentional to build it on a sustainable foundation, OR you’ve built a successful, profitable business and you’ve worked SO hard to get here that something has to change, because you know living and working this way isn’t sustainable, I want you to know that is it possible. I know this because I live it and I teach it. 

On this episode you’ll learn: 

– The real problem when it comes to motherhood, business and time

– How we’re trying to solve the wrong problem

– What it looks like to reclaim your time and feel better

– The 5 essentials to reclaiming your time as a mom and entrepreneur

 Learning how to reclaim your time is such a game-changer when you want to live beyond burnout and create a sustainable life and business.  

Also included on this episode:

The doors to the summer session of MOMENTUM are open!!!

You’re over the hustle and hurry, the busy and burned out approach to navigating motherhood and business. You know there has to be a better way. A way to do life and business differently.

And you’re ready to make it happen.

Building a sustainable life and business? It’s what my signature program, MOMENTUM, is all about. Inside this 3-month program we dive deep – we rethink your time, redefine what really matters and redesign your days using my Reverse Engineering Method. It’s this amazing recipe where mindset and psychology meet practical, simple tools that enable you to make changes that will serve your life and business in the months and years ahead.

MOMENTUM is for moms who own businesses as creative entrepreneurs and coaches who:

• Want more time – more quality time, more margin in your days
• Are committed to building a successful, profitable business – but not at the cost of your family, your time or your sanity

The next round of MOMENTUM kicks off in late May and applications are now open.

Apply now.

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This is the podcast for moms called to business as creative entrepreneurs and coaches. Through mindset and strategy, I help you leverage your faith and your beliefs to get out of your own way so that you simplify, focus and build a business that serves you, your family and your clients well – a business run with integrity that creates both income and impact. Around here, we go beyond the surface and dive deep into what matters most. We talk about mindset, faith, motherhood, money, marketing, messaging and more. So much of why you were called to business is because of who you’re becoming along the way. As your coach, my job is to help you grow your business. My mission is to help you grow as a person.


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Helping moms called to business as creatives and coaches simplify life and business to focus on the two things that matter most: your peace and profit.