BEYOND Podcast Ep. 242: Breakthrough #5 – Rest Like It’s Your Job

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One of the keys to quality of life and a sustainable business? REST.

The truth is, we need REST and we have to be intentional to build breaks into our days, our weeks, our months and our years. Not only is this an important piece of prioritizing QUALITY of life, but also building a business you don’t want to quit. 

The title of this episode is not just rest, but Rest Like It’s Your Job, because it really is. In truth, it may be the hardest part of your job as a business owner and mom. You are the steward of your time, your health and wellness, your mental, emotional and physical health. No one else can do that for you. 

So many entrepreneurs, and especially moms who are entrepreneurs, choose this path because of the freedom it offers: time freedom, financial freedom, geographic freedom and creative freedom, among others. And yet, time and time again, these same entrepreneurs tell me that their reality as an entrepreneur doesn’t look that much different than their lives in corporate or their previous employment looked. And that’s because when we don’t deal with the root of the problem, the same problems will take root as business owners that we struggled with before we owned businesses.

On this episode of BEYOND, you’ll learn:

• Why slowing down and resting seems like the last thing we need

• How true rest fuels our productivity

• Why lives that feel hurried and rushed is what seems normal and expected

• Why we connect being “busy” with being productive

• What it looks like to build rest into both your daily life and the bigger picture

The breakthroughs we’ve been talking about in this series so far… getting uncomfortable being uncomfortable, being a beginner, trusting yourself, being willing to experiment… the reason I know that these are the breakthroughs holding many of you back is because these are the shifts I help clients work through through 1:1 coaching every single week. 

Sometimes, we don’t realize how deep the thoughts and beliefs that are running our lives really are. And if you feel like you should be beyond this already, this shouldn’t be a problem, or you should be able to figure this out on your own, you might be wrong. Motherhood and business can be so isolating, but you don’t have to do this on your own. If you’d love the support of a mindset coach who can help you get out of your way, and a business mentor who can help you with marketing strategy and the next steps toward building a business you don’t want to quit, let’s chat. 

Schedule a Next Step call with me – it’s so easy to schedule a call. Visit and grab a time that works for you. These calls are only 20 minutes – a powerful 20 minutes because you’ll share with me where you are right now and where you’d like to be, I’ll offer you some clarity on what I see might be getting in your way personally, and if you decide you’re interested in working together, we’ll talk about what that looks like and get all of your questions answered. 

Schedule your Next Step call with me at

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This is the podcast for moms called to business as creative entrepreneurs and coaches. Through mindset and strategy, I help you leverage your faith and your beliefs to get out of your own way so that you simplify, focus and build a business that serves you, your family and your clients well – a business run with integrity that creates both income and impact. Around here, we go beyond the surface and dive deep into what matters most. We talk about mindset, faith, motherhood, money, marketing, messaging and more. So much of why you were called to business is because of who you’re becoming along the way. As your coach, my job is to help you grow your business. My mission is to help you grow as a person.


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