BEYOND Podcast Ep. 255: Feel Like Quitting? How to Keep Going When You Feel Lost and Discouraged

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Do you ever have days in business where you wonder what in the world you’re doing, why you’re even doing all that you’re doing, and maybe even question if you should quit?

If that’s a yes, I want you to know that it’s completely normal. It happens to every single one of us. Motherhood is hard. Owning and growing and maintaining a business is hard. There are peaks and valleys and every single entrepreneur has moments where she wants to be done. Burn it all down. For some it happens once a year. For some it happens once a week.

The purpose of this episode is to give you some encouragement when it comes to the valleys, the low spots, those hard days or seasons when you find yourself questioning it all. When you wonder what in the world you’ve gotten yourself into and whether or not the goals you envision for yourself and your business are even possible – especially without compromising what matters most to you. (Or without losing your mind.)

Know this: the highs and the lows are both part of building and growing a business. Whether you’re just getting started or ten years in, that does not change. Expecting those highs and lows is really important – because when you know it’s normal, when you accept that it’s just part of the process, you aren’t so surprised, shocked or even paralyzed by them when those times come. Every stage of business has its own set of problems to navigate. It’s true whether you’re making $1 or 1 million dollars. So the question is not – "how do I avoid having any problems?" But rather, “How do I want to handle the challenging times when they happen?” And THAT is where I want to offer you some hope today.

On this episode of BEYOND, you'll learn:

 • The role of your emotions in managing the highs and lows of entrepreneurship

• One of the healthiest actions you can take when you want to quit
• The importance of identifying the actual, specific problem you want or need to solve
• Why you want to doubt your doubts and question your questions
• The important reminder we all need from time to time
• How each of the above creates a sustainable business you don't want to quit
If you're ready to continue the conversation beyond the podcast, if you are ready for the combination of life support and business strategy you need in navigating the highs and lows as a mom and entrepreneur, I want to invite you to apply for 1:1 coaching. Working with me privately is kind of like having a business therapist, marketing strategist and personal trainer for your brain all-in-one.

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