BEYOND Podcast Ep. 273: The Power of the Stories We Tell Ourselves with Natalie Franke

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Self-described as the "mama bear for small business" and a "nerd who loves neuroscience", Natalie Franke is a fierce advocate for entrepreneurs. What I love most about Natalie is her passion (fire!) and, as I share with you on this episode, to be in presence is to be in the presence of someone who you just know is doing the work she was made to do.

Natalie Franke is a wife and mom of two little ones, she's an author, and at the time of our recording, she was the Chief Evangelist for HoneyBook. Soon after recording, Natalie announced her transition to working for Flodesk, the email platform that I use and love, and that's where you'll find her now – still supporting entrepreneurs in this new role as Flodesk's Head of Community.
Consider this episode a heart-to-heart and love letter from one mom "figuring it all out as she goes" to another. We cover so much ground in this conversation and discuss everything from the power of mindset and the stories we tell to knowing your numbers as a business owner, prioritizing quality time with your family as a working mom, saying NO early and often and letting yourself BE in the season of life you once prayed for.

On this episode of BEYOND, you'll learn:

• How picking up a camera in high school opened Natalie's eyes to a world of possibility, and led her to take an "untraditional path"

• How loneliness as a young wedding photographer led her to found The Rising Tide Society

• Her passion as a mama bear for small business and living as a "multi-passionate person with ADHD"

• The beautiful story of how being raised by a devoted single mom led her to the work she's called to today

• Why she believes "mindset is everything in business" and how successful entrepreneurs view failure differently

• How Natalie feels about competition and the battle she fights everyday

• The daily, intentional steps she takes (literally!) to grow her relationship with herself

• Natalie's new book, Gutsy, and her personal struggle to overcome the fear of what other people think

• How motherhood has changed the way she thinks about her doubts and fears, her body and her time

Important links for this episode:

• Instagram: @nataliefranke
• Check out Natalie's book, Gutsy

Natalie is a huge advocate of mindset work, and of course, I couldn't agree more.

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