BEYOND Podcast Ep. 275: Plans, Pivots and REALLY Trusting God in Motherhood and Business with Elizabeth McCravy

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Motherhood and business are two ways God calls some of us into ministry, and that is the story of my guest on today’s episode of BEYOND – Elizabeth McCravy.

Elizabeth is a Showit website template designer, a business educator and host of the Breakthrough Brand Podcast. She’s married and lives with her husband and two-year-old son in Franklin, TN, and she’s a boy mom – expecting her second son in several months.

One of my favorite things about Elizabeth is her willingness to speak about entrepreneurship AND her faith openly. A huge theme in this conversation is being willing to step out in faith knowing that life doesn’t always happen according to our own plans. Whether it’s a business offering that doesn’t go as expected, or the delivery of her first baby going almost the complete opposite of how she’d hoped, Elizabeth talks about plans, pivots and what it looks like to REALLY trust God.

On this episode of BEYOND, you'll learn:

• Elizabeth's unexpected path to entrepreneurship at age 22 and how she got her very first clients as a designer

• The 4 different revenue streams in her business (and the 5th one she shares with her husband Adam)

• Elizabeth’s personal experience of launching a new offer only to shut it down 4 months later (and her biggest takeaways from the experience)

• How not being a perfectionist has been helpful to the growth of her business (including the ability to delegate and grow a team)

• Elizabeth's love of systems and processes as a creative, and what work she could see herself doing if she wasn’t a designer

• How changed plans and detours in motherhood and business have grown Elizabeth's faith

• How she’s prepping for baby boy #2 and another maternity leave

Important links for this episode:

Elizabeth’s website:
• Say hi over on Instagram
Breakthrough Brand Podcast Ep. 224 (where Elizabeth talks about lessons learned from launching and closing her membership program)

Elizabeth was one of my first coaching clients, and the way she's prioritized her mindset and personal growth are so evident as she's sustainably grown her multiple-six-figure creative business.

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