BEYOND Podcast Ep. 280: Stepping Into Uncertain Seasons When You’re Called to Something New with Rebekah Albaugh

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Uncertainty. It's an inevitable part of life and often, it terrifies us. It's easy when we feel like we have control... when we see a clear path ahead... it's not so easy to step into a season that has a lot of unknowns.

My guest today on BEYOND, Rebekah Albaugh, is navigating an uncertain season right now. After years of leading a thriving wedding and portrait photography business, and co-hosting The Reset Conference, God is calling her to something new and largely unknown. Her faith in this season is inspiring and her fears are relatable, and as she shares in our conversation, the only confidence she has moving forward is the fact that her trust is anchored in an unshakeable God.
In my conversation with Rebekah, we talk about all the things: marriage, motherhood, faith, business, grief and loss, and the excitement of being called to something bigger than yourself.
Bio: Rebekah Albaugh is professional photographer (based in central Illinois) who has been joyfully photographing families, weddings and milestones since 2008. She has been blessed to have the opportunity to work in 10 different countries. Since 2003, Rebekah has been known as "Coach Albaugh's wife" to her husband's wrestling and football teams. She has responded to the title, "mom" since 2004 and eagerly boasts over her three children, Grant, Evelyn and Avery Mae. In 2013, she co-founded a national photography conference known as "The Reset Conference" which is still active today.
Most importantly, Rebekah is an unashamed fan of Jesus Christ. Having recently been asked to lead in various aspects of Christian ministry, she has been leaning into a different season of life.  She now hosts worship retreats for women in various cities around the country while still running her photography businesses.

On this episode of BEYOND, you'll learn:

• How wanting to be home with her first baby motivated Rebekah to do "whatever is takes" to be with him and contribute to the family finances
• The tragic loss Rebekah experienced her senior year of high school that changed the trajectory of her life and led her to cling to her faith
• How her husband's job as a teacher led to the launch of her photography business
• Why learning not to be threatened by competition led her to embrace teaching and mentoring other photographers
• Why vanity metrics and a certain number of fans or followers does not necessarily equate to expertise or profitability in business, and the importance of defining success for YOU
• The sacrifices required of a busy wedding photography business, and what Rebekah is doing differently with her youngest child
• How her mom's life and faith journey modeled being bold in your faith and giving God the glory in circumstances the enemy wants to use to destroy
• How major life transitions, grief and losses are often the catalyst for change and being pulled into a new direction
• How the stillness of grief led to conversations with God that stripped Rebekah of the comforts of this world and gave her the gift of heavenly perspective
• Why it's necessary to shut some things down to make room for the things we're called to
• Rebekah's calling to host ministry-based retreats and how it took her 9 months to take the next step
• The fear and the excitement of being called to something that is bigger than yourself

Important links for this episode:

Visit Rebekah's website

• Connect with Rebekah on IG

• To learn more about the January retreat Rebekah is hosting in South Carolina, DM her on IG or email

I’m continuously amazed by the ways God works through our businesses to grow us both personally and spiritually, and am thankful for Rebekah sharing with us what it looks like to faithfully answer the call to something new.

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