BEYOND Podcast Ep. 287: Be Weird: The Genius Marketing Strategy That Builds Trust with Jen Olmstead

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Jen Olmstead, co-founder and Lead Designer of TONIC Site Shop, takes us along on her journey from accidental entrepreneur to successful Showit website template designer over the past 11 years. She shares the importance of storytelling in marketing and the power of creating content that is valuable, engaging, and fun to create – anything but boring. Jen emphasizes the need to focus on quality over quantity and to find the intersection between what you are uniquely capable of delivering and what your audience wants.
Throughout our conversation, Jen shares insights on finding inspiration, sharing your story, and embracing your uniqueness (weirdness?) in your business. She explains WHY design builds trust with your audience – the key factor that leads them to purchase from you. Jen also discusses setting boundaries, prioritizing, and involving your kids in your work. She encourages entrepreneurs to embrace their strengths and be ruthless with what they say no to. Jen shares her perspective on having faith and trusting in God's plan, as well as the importance of doing less but better. 
Jen describes how 2023 was the hardest year in business for TONIC, what she and partner Jeff Shipley learned and how 2024 will be different because of it. Thank you so much to Jen for sharing her wit and wisdom with us in this entertaining convo that feels a lot like a high-end marketing masterclass.

Highlights from this episode of BEYOND:

  • Why creating content that is unique, valuable, and engaging is more profitable.
  • How to find the intersection between what you are uniquely capable of creating and what your audience wants.
  • What it looks like to prioritize quality over quantity in content creation.
  • How Jen finds inspiration and anticipation in her content creation by setting specific times for thinking, researching and writing. (And how sometimes, it just happens when inspiration strikes.)
  • Why embracing your uniqueness and sharing your story leads you to create content that is anything but boring.
  • What's important about design and a killer website that builds trust with your people.
  • How setting boundaries and prioritizing your work time creates a healthy work-life balance.
  • How embracing your strengths and being ruthless with what you say no to allows you to focus on what truly aligns with your goals and values.
  • What it looks like to Involve your kids in your work and create boundaries to ensure quality time with them.
  • How to identify your most productive time and leverage it to maximize your creativity and productivity.
  • The role of faith in Jen's family life and business: including trust in God's plan, knowing that He will guide you in your journey as a parent and entrepreneur.
  • Simplifying by doing less, but better, honing in on what truly aligns with your vision and goals.
  • Why 2023 was the hardest year for Tonic Site Shop, what Jen learned and what she's doing differently in 2024.

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