BEYOND Podcast Ep. 297: Scale Your 1:1 Business Growth with This Simple Strategy with Sarah Masci

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How can you effectively GROW your business as a creative or coach without stepping away from the 1:1 work you love?

On this episode, Sarah Masci shares her journey of restructuring her business from traditional, project-based freelance design work to a day rate model. Sarah started as a web designer in 2005 and eventually realized that she loved the design process so much, she wanted to do more of it. In 2018, she started offering day rates to clients and found it to be a life-changing shift. She later taught this model to other service providers and scaled her business by creating a course. But this shift didn't come without some pain points. Sarah candidly highlights the challenges of scaling, such as building a team and managing a complex program.

Sarah explains that scaling doesn't always mean moving away from one-on-one work, and that it's possible to grow a business by sticking with services you love. Our conversation explores the benefits and challenges of the day rate model for creatives and coaches. Sarah shares her experience and insights on how day rates can simplify business, allow for more focus on the work you truly love, and increase profitability. She also discusses the scalability of day rates and the importance of building trust with clients. Sarah highlights the need for experimentation and learning from the process, as well as the value of being part of a supportive community. She also mentions her excitement about getting back into design work through upcoming offers for her clients.

Highlights from this episode of BEYOND:

• Restructuring your business and shifting to a different model can be a life-changing (and life-giving!) decision.
• Day rates can provide simplicity and productivity, allowing you to focus on one client at a time.
• Scaling a business comes with challenges, such as building a team and managing a complex program.
• It's possible to grow a business by sticking with one-on-one work if that's what you love.
• Scaling doesn't always mean creating a course or building an agency. The day rate model allows creatives and coaches to focus on the work they love and simplify their business.
• Day rates can increase profitability but may require higher expenses and stress levels.
• Building trust with clients is crucial for selling day rates.
• Experimentation and learning from the process are key to refining and optimizing day rates.
• Being part of a supportive community can provide motivation and inspiration.
• Returning to previous creative work or interests can reignite creative joy and fulfillment.
• Sarah offers a Day Rate Quick Start program for those interested in exploring the day rate model.

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Day Rate Quick Start

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