BEYOND Podcast Ep. 299: The One Thing You Can’t Outsource (But Need the Most) as a Creative or Coach

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You can have the most creative and strategic marketing plan EVER – but if fear of failure or rejection, or even fear of success, paralyzes you from showing up to implement even step 1 of that plan – the marketing plan isn’t worth a penny. You have to believe in yourself and the value you bring to your clients in order to show up, to be visible and to bring that compelling, valuable message to your dream clients.

You can buy all of the courses and programs, you can collect dozens and dozens of them, but if shiny object syndrome has you hopping from one uncompleted course module to the next, if the belief that you just have to get certified in THIS or invest in this thing over here because THIS IS GOING TO BE THE THING that changes everything for you, you’ll spend all of your time with your head down collecting courses and consuming content instead of listening to your people, paying attention to how you can help them and creating valuable solutions to their problems.

You can spend all of the dollars on a high-end web designer and a killer copywriter, but you don’t have a clear understanding of precisely who your people are and what makes you uniquely qualified to help them, AND feel confident in that? No website design or conversion copy can bridge that gap.

You can toil for hours… days.. Months even, shopping for the perfect font or the ideal color palette for your brand – but hear this – if you find yourself stuck in one of those rabbit holes, it is “work” that is pointless but pretending to be useful. It’s easy to get stuck in that place of behind the scenes busy work… I just need to finish this, and redesign this, and rethink my strategy about this… I’ve been there, believe me, I GET IT, but this is not productive, and this is not helping you get the clients you’re called to serve. This is simply a list of distractions created by a brain that is scared and uncomfortable to go out there and SERVE people because there is a lack of BELIEF when it comes to your ability to follow through, to serve people well, or both.

On this episode of BEYOND, you'll learn:

  • The ONE thing you can never outsource as a creative or coach

  • How most entrepreneurs spend way too much time on the (many) things they think they’re “supposed to” be doing – instead of what will ACTUALLY lead to paying clients.

  • Why it feels like you’re “doing all the things” but nothing is working.

  • The most overlooked (and critical) piece of being a business owner that you need to begin prioritizing today.

  • The 3 pieces required to leverage the power of your mindset and belief into more peace, more joy and more profit.

When life feels complicated, when business feels complicated, and you feel stuck when it comes to UNcomplicating it, it’s probably time to SIMPLIFY. High-profitability paired with high quality of life is the mission of my business, and it’s the focus of my partnership with clients inside SIMPLIFIED.

This coaching and consulting intensive is exclusively for creative entrepreneurs and coaches who want to create 6-figure profit in their businesses – without working all of the time, and without having the stress of mountains of expenses.

Inside SIMPLIFIED, we combine mindset support with strategic simplicity to create a life and business that you don’t want to quit. This one-of-a-kind experience is for committed entrepreneurs who want to pay themselves considerably, without working a considerable amount of time.

If you’re tired of scaling yourself into a business you can’t stand, it's time to simplify. And you don’t have to do it alone. Working with me is like having a business therapist, marketing consultant, creative director and mindset coach, all in one.

If you’re ready to SIMPLIFY: to do less, better and see abundant profit margins, apply for SIMPLIFIED. This 1:1 experience is completely private and unique to your personal business goals. Because no one cares about your business like you do – except me.

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This is the podcast for moms called to business as creative entrepreneurs and coaches. Through mindset and strategy, I help you leverage your faith and your beliefs to get out of your own way so that you simplify, focus and build a business that serves you, your family and your clients well – a business run with integrity that creates both income and impact. Around here, we go beyond the surface and dive deep into what matters most. We talk about mindset, faith, motherhood, money, marketing, messaging and more. So much of why you were called to business is because of who you’re becoming along the way. As your coach, my job is to help you grow your business. My mission is to help you grow as a person.


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Helping moms called to business as creatives and coaches simplify life and business to focus on the two things that matter most: your peace and profit.