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BEYOND Podcast Ep. 246: 5 Important Boundaries You Need For More Peace As a Mom and Creative Entrepreneur

  How do you protect your peace as a mom and creative entrepreneur that isn’t willing to do “whatever it takes” to reach the goals you have in mind for your business? One is making mindset work a regular discipline in your life. And the other is setting five important boundaries that directly impact what […]

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You know what’s not always fun? When life doesn’t go as we hoped it would. When the timeline and circumstances look different than we imagined. When it comes to entrepreneurship, the timeline – the pathway to our goals – often looks different than what we expected.  As human beings, we find comfort in control. We like […]

BEYOND Podcast Ep. 245: Trust in the Timing Beyond Your Control

There is a problem in the world of online business, creative entrepreneurship, education, and coaching… and the problem is that of MORE. I notice it when words like abundance are tossed around… because what they are often truly rooted in is a place of scarcity. We’re told that we should constantly want more, be more […]

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BEYOND Podcast Ep. 244: Breakthrough #7 – Define Enough

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In a world that tells us we should do more, want more and be more, it makes sense that we constantly feel behind and as though we aren’t ever doing enough. As business owners, add to it that we live in a world of oversaturated marketing messaging with many (and contrasting) opinions on “what works” […]

BEYOND Podcast Ep. 243: Breakthrough #6 – Commit to One

One of the keys to quality of life and a sustainable business? REST. The truth is, we need REST and we have to be intentional to build breaks into our days, our weeks, our months and our years. Not only is this an important piece of prioritizing QUALITY of life, but also building a business […]

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BEYOND Podcast Ep. 242: Breakthrough #5 – Rest Like It’s Your Job

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What if everything you do isn’t a success or a failure? What if it’s not that black-and-white, and there is a better way to navigate life and business and the growth that’s required of you in order to do new and hard things? On this episode of the Breakthrough Series, we’re talking about building an experimental […]

BEYOND Podcast Ep. 241: Breakthrough #4 – Be Willing To Experiment